Term & Conditions

1.    Gate2job have the right to change these terms and condition which we will communicate before that time.

2.    You must ensure that the document and advertisement submitted on the site do not breach the intellectual property right of the third party.

3.    All files submitted to this site will be free of viruses or any infections.

4.    This site should not be used for illegal purpose

5.    You are responsible for the use of password issued by the gate2job to enable you to gain access to the employer part of the site.

6.    Gate2job have the right and Advertisers should comply with the terms and conditions

7.    Ensure that the advertisement posted on this site are displayed in the appropriate category.

8.    You are not permitted to promote any brand other than those associated with your business.

9.     You must not release to the public any news, advertising materials, promotional material, or any other form of publicity without prior approval from gate2job.

10.    Ensure that you adhere at all times

11.    Gate2job will not be liable for any errors in your advertisement and ensure you check for errors immediately

12.    Payment for service must be paid fully

13.    You must be able to pay for the services renders by gate2job agrees in regardless of whether to use these services or not. If the in information you provided to gate2job is not detailed, you will be liable to pay full payment.

14.    Gate2job cannot guarantee you that files which are available for download through the site will be free of viruses or infections.

15.    Gate2job serves as a medium through which individual seek employment opportunities.

16.    Gate2job does not vet or vouch for any candidates, whether oral or in writing- including those representations in candidates resume.

17.    Gate2job have the right to alter the functionality and appearance of its products and services available without the need to have to provide any notice to you.

18.    You cannot transfer any rights and obligation under these terms to any other person with prior approval of the gate2job. If you are a company, any change in your effective control shall be deemed an assignment for the purpose o this clause.

19.    You are not permitted to modify, distribute, copy, republish, upload, and post any materials or document from this site.

20.    You are not allowed to advertise ponzy or pyramid scheme on this site, and you are also not entitled to request for any payment to apply for the advertised job.

21.    You are not permitted to use any features of this site to send an unsolicited commercial electronic message to candidates, whether individually or as a group.

22.    Candidate personal information in your procession must not be disclosed to any entity and must only be used by you about your genuine employment.

23.     You are only permitted to advertise real employment opportunity that is current as at the time of posting.

24.    You expressly authorize gate2job to store and retain all applications submitted by the job seekers.

25.    Gate2job in their capacity will ensure that the employer zone can only be accessible by the authorized users only at all time. Also, gate2job and third party service providers may be required to carry out maintenance and upkeep of gate2job employers zone from time to time.

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