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Privacy commitment

All questions and suggestion related to this policy should be directed to

All information about the job offer is from sources deemed reliable. There is no representation made by them as to the accuracy thereof, and such information may be subject to errors, change of details without notice and omission.


Gate2job privacy statement

Gate2job is a career development and job search company operating online. This company is empathetic when it comes to privacy issues. We considered any user details or information we collect as private and can never be disclosed to any entity unless been permitted by the user.

Gate2job offer the best quality service possible. We believe it is essential you know how we treat the information you submitted to us.

Users who log on to the website, but do not register or create an account are referred generally as users or you.

Users who have created an account on this site to obtain services provided by gate2job are called “Registered Users.” except the context provides otherwise, references in this statement to “users” or “you” include a reference to generic users and registered users.


Information Collected by gate2job

Gate2job collects information from every area of the site without limitation; registration area includes also, sections areas of the website which are visited most, how often, and for how long. Data are captured to be used as aggregated information and may be disclosed to gate2job partners to provide them information on how gate2job visitors use the site.



Registration on this site is optional but to need to register before you can submit a job application. For you to become a registered member, you will be required to provide some personal information, including your email address. You will be able to gain access to your data anytime after your registration had been completed.


Storing your CV

Registered users may decide to save their CV in their account, which can be easily accessible anytime they want to apply for a job. Deleting a CV from your account will mean it is no longer available to the registered user. A copy of the deleted CV maybe stored for testing or backup systems for some time.


Gate2job profile

All gate2job registered users have a personal profile which can only be accessible by them with the aid of user name and password upon successful registration. This profile may include a CV, personal information, education and employment history, contact details, skills, preferred job specialization, and location. Only registered user can modify their CV at any time.


Use of information collected

Collected information assists gate2job to know its users needs better, in other to improve on the product and services offers. We use personal information to contact users for research purposes, product development, marketing, and other data.


Online Application

Applying for a job on gate2job portal is free, but it requires you to be registered. Before any job application, you will be required to fill necessary or complete mandatory fields so that the advertiser will be able to identify you and contact you.


Changes in the privacy statement

Gate2job will notify users before changing the privacy statement. Notifications will display on the home page, privacy statement zone, and another area we deemed appropriate.

Lastly, we have the right to change or modify this privacy statement at any time. We encourage our esteemed users to review them frequently.  

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