Fraud Alert

It is imperative that you safeguard yourself from been scammed and other fraudulent activities during the cause of your job search.

Below are some of the activities that you need to look out.

•    Scammers wanting to throw your off your game will targeting based on your anxiety, a job seeker that needs a job with a false sense of urgency by saying things like “you need to act very fast now” or “time wait for no man.”

•    Scammers will typically require you to pay upfront like payment for a certificate, background check fee, or set-up fee. Is indicating a big red flag.

•    Never give out your personal information to anybody or over the phone to a stranger. Mostly, they ask for credit/debit cards and bank account information. Once they have your information, you might not hear from them.

•    Always confirm the name of the company that has invited you for a job interview.

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